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35 blonde, fisted and ass fucked by a perverse and vicious guy


A 35-year-old woman is waiting for her lover. She got up with a mad desire for hard and intense sex and knows that with him, she will be entitled to a brutal fuck. He kisses her gently as she spreads her thighs. He understands right away what she wants. He thrusts his hand directly to the bottom of the cat and a few fingers in the bottom of the anus. He knows that she likes to be shaken during the fuck, so he will treat it as a real bag of meat or rather fuck. He stuffs it in all directions and puts his fingers in the ass while he fucks her pussy and vice versa. Finding that her lover is not hard enough, she will pretend to strangle herself before taking in his mouth the thick and plentiful seed of the man who just tore the holes.

Date: May 13, 2020

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